Promoting Australian Made

We appreciate that it is becoming increasingly difficult to source quality gifts that are appropriate, unique and Australian made and believe that supporting local business and product ensures the best possible future
for Australia.

The Sheil Collection offers a range of Australian orientated gifts suitable for middle price range presentations for businesses or special occasions. We are not the traditional souvenir shop or corporate promotional product shop but offer unique, quality, well priced art pieces that are not available in many shops or online.

The Sheil Collection presents the most unique and unusual Australian gifts in the industry. Australian designed and made, quality, unique gifts are difficult to source these days as many small independent gift shops and galleries have closed limiting choice of top quality, unique, professionally produced Australian made and designed PRODUCTS. There are probably plenty of occasions you can think of right now that would be perfect for giving an executive member of your team a gift. You can count on top quality, craftsmanship, and service from The Sheil Collection.  Find the perfect unique executive gifts here.

The Sheil Collection is based on the concept of promoting Australian made design in a retail environment. It has become a high profile gift shop, offering a diverse high end product range of gifts and pieces for all occasions and made to the highest aesthetic standard with an excellence and quality level achieved by Australian designers, artists and craftspeople.  The products are all Australian made and selected from the finest artists in their fields.

The Sheil Collection showcases the range of Don Sheil, alongside other fine Australian artists. This family-run business, now in its fourth generation of retailers, is among a small group of stockists, privy to the works of Don Sheil, but we pride ourselves on also presenting many of Australia’s most renowned artisans from contemporary to classic works in eclectic mediums.


The website will adhere strictly to its promise of stocking only Australian made pieces, demonstrating the level of excellence, quality, design and beauty being presented by dedicated professionals.And in case our special online gift shop does not offer precisely what you seek, please do not hesitate to contact us for original, personalized, and unique gift ideas.


The Sheil Collection has been awarded CRAFTMARK accreditation by Craft Australia, which is the industry mark for quality Australian craft, through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Craftmark guarantees that this retail outlet is a reputable recognized retailer of high quality Australian craft. Accreditation has been awarded in recognition of THE SHEIL COLLECTION’S ongoing support and promotion of the Australian craft sector.


Handmade glasware

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Handmade metals