Every piece of Australian Ancient Redgum is accompanied by an individual Certificate of Authenticity.  This is a 5000 year old rare and beautiful timber discovered in the Murray River, salvaged and recycled by a group of talented wood artists who now produce an exquisite range of bowls, boxes, jewellery and desk sets. The collection is valued for the rare and intrinsic value of the natural material – over the thousands of years, the wood has become impregnated with chemicals from the ground water, producing the striking deep black colour. The wood is composed of atoms that existed in the atmosphere and soils of The environment of 5000+ years ago. 18,000 years ago Australia was in the grip of a cold, dry period that devastated woodland vegetation. When the Ice Age ended about 10,000 years ago, trees returned to the rivers and mountain slopes, the Murray remained a course gravelly stream with colonies of giant redgums growing on the banks. As the channel changed the trees fell and were covered – they have been rediscovered. Each unique item carved of Australian Ancient Redgum comes with a Certificate  of Authentication. This certificate is your assurance that the piece you have purchased is crafted from genuine Australian Ancient timber and is at least 5,000 years old.