Established in 1984, Artesia Pewter today is run by Rob Mitchell. 

This unique handmade Pewter product from Artesia’s workshop is made from the finest Australian lead free Pewter. All these products have been designed to incorporate 100% Australian content. Tin from the Renison mine on Tasmania’s west coast is sent to a smelter in Brisbane where it is made into pewter to Artesia’s specifications. It contains 94% tin (which is soft), 4% antimony (which gives a sharper cast) and 2% copper (for malleability). This is cast in Tasmania into over 80 items including whimsical animal figurines, spoons, coasters, letter openers, bowls and salad servers.

Rob Mitchell’s background has been in design and fabrication of high quality apparel. Artesia started production with Jeni Wallwork and John Bright in 1984, developing a wide range of fine products. David Cousins and Rob Mitchell joined Artesia bringing their individual qualities to the development of products. Rob has pursued different fields for the last couple of years. Now David has retired, Rob is once again back with his skills and eye for quality and detail ensuring Artesia’s continuing quality.