Jill Christie has dabbled with different arts for most of her life, from detailed pencil drawings to writing. She finally settled on working with wood over a decade ago. Self-taught, she “fell” into wood working   when she decided to make a ceramic chess set for someone as a gift. The project grew until it ended up as a full timber table with an inset board and compartments for the pieces, but it was the timber itself she fell in love with.

From there she began to explore the various textures, colours and grains of the many various Australian hardwoods and in 2001 she turned her passion from a hobby into a business.

Jill works largely with the burl of Australian native timbers and predominately Queensland timbers, often using the exterior contours of the timber, itself to dictate the profile of her pieces  and making a feature of the wood’s “figure” or markings. Each
of her burl pieces is individually cut, shaped and polished – truly a one-off.

Jill lives on a small property outside Brisbane, with her husband, young daughter and as many Bearded Collies as she’s allowed.

To remove dust use a soft brush  and brush burl edges, if the wood appears to have dried out rub in some oil.