Cobblecast designers Pete and Louise Smit present a range of fine detailed Australian animals cast in silicon bronze from the smallest commercial foundry in Australia. All work is hand signed and unconditionally guaranteed.

In order to faithfully reproduce the finest details in all ‘out castings’ (all originals) they rely on the ancient ‘lost wax’ process (4000 years old). The work to be cast is presented in wax. Attached to a system of runners and risers, the piece is dipped in slurry and covered with many layers of zircon sand and calcined flint clays. When the desired thickness is achieved, the work is placed in a kiln and the wax rapidly eliminated at +850c – hence the term Lost Wax.

The hollow shells are inverted, heated to a temperature compatible with the metal being  cast (1050 to 1200c) and filled with molten bronze – when this cools, the ceramic shell is broken off, the pieces are hacksawed off their metal tree, sandblasted, chased, given patina and polished, all individually and by hand.

The development of the colour change is called ‘acquiring the patina’.   The main purpose in colouring metals is to produce an effect in its appearance in a short time which might ordinarily occur in nature but would take much longer and might require special conditions.