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Corban & Blair was created by Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair, who with their talented team have been designing products for over 20 years. They opened a niche in Australian designer stationery in 1988 with their handmade journals and albums (their own hands in fact) and as the market changed and developed, they  too evolved to match consumers wants and needs, creating new product styles in an array of materials in Australia.

Their approach is hands on and fashion orientated. They are constantly searching for new ideas and concepts to add value and meaning to the products they design. Ideas come from nature, technology, other cultures, materials, textures or intuitive responses to the market place. Creating two retail collections a year, special products for other brands and designing unique product solutions for the business sector is harder than it sounds - but they love the challenge.

We have presented a small range of their dry paper albums - with the cloth covers - offering an exceptional gift for any occassion.  There are also many other product available and if interested in other products contact us at