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The Don Sheil Collection is a culmination of three generations of metal artisians. Tom Slattery is the master craftsman carrying on the families tradition of excellence, which hallmarks these pieces as collectors’ items. 


The primary metal is an alloy created from Australian metals; this alloy is shaped to create the article after which the piece
is anodized. Each piece is hand finished and signed with the Don Sheil signature which authenticates each piece guaranteeing that it is made in Australia. The finished product has the enduring beauty of silver without the drawbacks. It will not tarnish or impart a metallic taste, nor will it be affected by normal use with salad dressings, mustards or wines. The product may be put in the freezer or taken straight from the oven to the table - remember the metal will get hot.


To keep it looking beautiful wash in warm soapy water and dry with a tea towel and it will not tarnish. Do not place the article in the microwave oven (conventional ovens only, for heating not cooking) and never allow anyone to put it in the dishwasher (if some good intending person does - it can be repaired by Sheil). 


Enjoy your piece - you have received a beautiful, functional food presentation heirloom.