Helga’s work is strongly influenced by an ongoing love of the Australian flora and fauna as well as the abstract symbolism of
pre-historic culture. Her early interest in European modern art influenced her bold colour treatment.


Helga’s interest and training in archaeology and prehistory and the decoration of utilized items throughout all cultures have
influenced her style. Her colour and designs are strong and bold and her garments and accessories are statements in silk that transcend mere fashion.


Painted silk has characteristics similar to watercolour painting; soft, flowing colours, sharp, precise hues and soft blurred edges.
Helga uses a type of gum resist called 'gutta', - painted onto silk it forms a colour containing edge.


Helga exclusively uses silk and Naphthol dyes which are mainly used in a unique direct painting method with brushes and traditional batik. A Helga scarf is an exceptional example of all things beautiful in Australia


The scarves come in two sizes;

90x90cm square

28cm wide x 160cm long - narrow and long.