The beauty of Australian woods can be seen in many functional products but one of the best gift suggestions for memories are frames. Hayden Hopwood has designed and created the most beautifully made frames using Australian woods – his skill and precision results in a frame that is either one wood or a combination, superbly co-ordinated.

 Each frame is hand crafted using a variety of timbers which are listed on the back of the frame. The frames are available in either light mixed timbers or dark mixed timbers. The light combinations may include Jacaranda, Silky Oak, Sandpaper Fig, White Cedar and many others. The dark combinations may include Red Cedar, Rosewood, Rose Alder, Red Bean and many others. The design of the frame makes for easy dismantling but is strong and stable when in use. 


Hayden takes care to handwrite the timber variety on the back of each frame, ensuring the recipient
knows where their frame was sourced.