Irwin Rohrl started to make jewellery about 20 years ago I experimented mostly with found and discarded objects. As it is the alchemists dream to transform base metal into gold, it became mine, to call the “useless” back into “life”.

The last few years I have married my love for vintage prints with the passion for Jewellry making. Most of the prints I use in my work is sourced from sheet music, books and magazines and most of the maps used are from street directories all from the 60s and 70s.


The cufflinks shanks are made of sterling silver. Every inlay of print is covered with a hand cut glass tile, (18mmx10mm) which creates a clear and lasting depth to the image and is surrounded with sterling silver. Every piece is an original. Every pair comes with its own gift box.


The retro-cufflinks have grown out of his collection of old street directories. Is it a certain beach, a public space, a street corner, a back lane or a corner pub – it is possible to wear it on your sleeve. The street Directory cufflinks are of a narrative character, telling stories of ones’ individual connection to a place.