The corporate gift market is one that never seems to find enough quality items to satisfy it. The leaf letter opener is
corporate gift or souvenir epitomising the nature of Australia – engraves beautifully to personalise the piece or to brand
for a company presentation.

The letter openers are 22cm long and 4 cm at the widest point. Made from an assortment of selected Australian timbers such as Red Gum, Silky Oak, Red Gum - each letter opener shows the unique grain of the timber used and so is different in grain exposure and shape. Some pieces are finished with Precatalysed Lacquer which gives a complete protection and the only care required is a wipe down and others are finished with a wax giving them a matt finish and the care requirement is occasional wiping with an oil. The methods of production allows for individuality but is time consuming and requires a high level of skill to create and finish the lovely shape without the telltale signs of how it was created.