Antipasto Set

Antipasto Set


With trademark F!NK ingenuity , refined industrial processes and hand-finishing come together to form smooth lines and bold colours which create eye-catching contrasts to best showcase appetisers,dips and condiments. Designed tosit atop the platter, at its side or as stand alone dishes, the delightful trays provide limitless serving options.


Inspired by the relationship we have with the world around us, Rachel Bowak created the Antipasto Set to reflect the colours, shapes and textures of the eclectic Australian landscape – brilliant blue sky, intense shimmering heat and light refracting over ancient landscapes.


The off-centre ‘plateau’ and subtle curvature of the stainless steel platter have been achieved by an industrial process known as hydroforming. The anodised aluminium trays have been cold pressed and are available in charcoal, orange, blue and green – available as one set of four; one platter with 3 trays. The platter is 15.8” x 11.8”( 34cm x 29cm)   and the trays are 4 x4.7”.

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