Beaker - Matt Gold

Beaker - Matt Gold


The F!NK Beakers echo the curved lines of the F!NK Jug. The form is tactile and fits comfortably in the hand. The beakers are packaged in sets of four, same colour or mixed combinations, they follow the same colour series as the jug. However they are not identical as they are made from different aluminium alloys which anodises a different tone of colour.


Featuring a playful, complex shape that required the development of a special pressing tool, The Beakers fulfil F!NKS aim to establish utilitarian objects of pure pleasure. The Beakers are available in six bold matte colours: deep blue, turquoise, red, orange, black and purple, also available in silver with a satin finish.


$145 for a set of 4

 They stand 11.8” x 7” X 3.9”