Blue Wren

Blue Wren


With its gleaming, velvety blue-and-black plumage, the male Superb Fairy-wren is easily distinguished. These ‘coloured’ males are often accompanied by a band of brown ‘jenny wrens’, often assumed to be a harem of females, but a proportion of them are males which have not yet attained their breeding plumage. The contents of these birds’ untidy nests — a clutch of three or four eggs — are not necessarily the progeny of the ‘coloured’ male, as there is much infidelity among female fairy-wrens, with many eggs resulting from extra-pair liaisons.


Splendid Fairy-Wrens are small birds that live in groups in woodlands with open undergrowth, in south-west and inland south-east Australia. They have fine, straight, pointed beaks and feet with three toes facing forwards and one toe facing backwards. They call with a loud, rippling warble.

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