The boxes are flocked on the inside in black, and the outside lid of the box has been inset with a small pewter logo. They provide a very desirable gift to mark that special occassion. There is often a selection of various timbers available – mostly the luck of the draw, however if a specific timber is required please ask and we will try to oblige.The three main timbers available are:


Atherosperma moschatum is one of the dominant species in the temperate rainforests found throughout Tasmania, where the cinnamon-like smell of its bark and leaves can permeate the air. The wood is greyish to creamy brown and sometimes displays a ‘black-heart’ striping which, whilst once discarded, is now a prized feature.

The patina on pewter will change with age. If necessary, the coasters can be washed in hot soapy water and polished with a brass or chrome polish.


Tasmanian Myrtle

Myrtle is often found with Sassafras in the rainforests of Tasmania where together they create a clear forest floor with no understory. It has tiny leaves and can grow to 45 metres. The timber colour varies from light pink through to a rich red brown. The grain is fine and smooth and can be either straight or wavy. Myrtle is extensively used for fine furniture and decorative work as well as veneers, panelling and flooring.


Huon Pine
(Lagarostrobos franklinii) is native only to Tasmania. Growing primarily in the rugged west and south west, huon pine takes from 600 – 1000 years to mature. Surprisingly, it is a soft wood, which makes it very easy to work. This, combined with a decay preventing oil (methyl eugenol) has made huon pine highly prized by boat builders since the early days of white settlement. Furniture and decorative pieces usually feature a very attractive ‘bird’s eye’ pattern.

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