Card Holder

Card Holder


Simple, unique and elegantly designed; with a grove down the center, wooden card holder - a perfect solution to keep your desk organized and clean. ANCIENT RED GUM WAVE CARD HOLDER Crafted from 5,000-year old fossilized red gum. proudly Australian made The artist uses rare and beautiful timber discovered in Murray River. The collection is endeared for the intrinsic value of the natural material. The wood has become impregnated with the chemicals from the ground water, producing the deep black color. 115mm long x 50mm wide Each one comes nicely packaged with a Certificate of Authentication. Please note that the inlay card holders are handcrafted and as every piece of wood is unique, no two blotters are exactly the same.


Each unique item calved of Australian Ancient Redgum comes with a Certificate of Authentication. The certificate is your assurance that the piece you have purchased is crafted from genuine Australian Ancient timber and is at least 5,000 years old.

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