Coolamon Platter - Edge - Black

Coolamon Platter - Edge - Black


This design is inspired by the traditional Indigenous Australian Coolamon - a multi-purpose vessel used by Aboriginal women to carry water and gather bus tucker as well as cradle their babies! Also inspired by Indigenous dot painting, impregnated dots running along the belly of the object produce an appearance that is like a spine or animal tracks.


The Coolamon is made by first using high pressure water to produce a smooth vessel. The object is then pressed to create the pattern and texture on the surface. 


In true F!NK style, the spirited design is a statement piece as well as perfectly functional and is suitable for fruit, bread and other delicacies. 


The three different eddtions of the Coolamon Platter - 'Spine', 'Track' and 'Edge', are available in three signature colours: silver, red and black.


SIZE: 48cm x 26cm x 5.5cm