Coolamon Platter - Spinal - Red

Coolamon Platter - Spinal - Red


A coolamon is a traditional aboriginal multipurpose vessel used for carrying anything from water, fruit and nuts to babies. Coolamons were also used for winnowing grains in the traditional bread-making process and also as a general heating and cooking vessel. They could even be used as an umbrella.


Coolamons were carried on the head when travelling any distance or under the arm if used as a cradle. If carried on the head, a ring pad (akartne in Arrernte) was placed on the head, made out of possum and human hair string, twisted grass, or feathers.


The Fink Coolamon bowl is hydroformed from a single sheet of aluminium.


An amazing centrepiece, fruit bowl, bread roll holder, salad bowl, shield, breast plate...


SIZE: Dimensions: 55cm x 26cm x 6cm