Eagle - Wedgetail – Small

Eagle - Wedgetail – Small


The Wedge-tailed Eagle is Australia's largest living bird of prey and one of the largest eagles in the world. It reaches 0.85-1.05m in length and has a wingspan of 2.3m. Females are larger than males, averaging 4.2kg in weight and occasionally reaching 5.3kg. Males usually weigh about 3.2kg but may reach 4.0kg.


The Wedge-tailed Eagle has long wings, a characteristic long, wedge-shaped tail, and legs that are feathered all the way to the base of the toes.  It prefers wooded and forested land and open country, generally avoiding rainforest and coastal heaths. Eagles can be seen perched on trees or poles or soaring overhead to altitudes of up to 2000m.


Wedge-tailed Eagles build their nest in a prominent location with a good view of the surrounding countryside. It may be built in either a live or dead tree, but usually the tallest one in the territory.


Wedge-tailed Eagles may hunt singly, in pairs or in larger groups. Working together, a group of eagles can attack and kill animals as large as adult kangaroos. This explains the scientific name of the Wedge-tailed Eagle, which means 'bold eagle'. Under ideal conditions, an eagle can lift about 50% of its body weight. Often, eagles may store food items on a branch near the nest area.


Wedge-tailed Eagles are monogamous and apparently mate for life. If one bird of a pair is killed, the survivor will find a new mate. Established breeding pairs are territorial and live in the one area throughout the year, defending the area around their nest sites from other Wedge-tailed Eagles.


The Cobblecast Eagle has been inspired by the birds Pete has observed around their property, cast in the Lost Wax  method there have only been 5 made of this 25 piece series.


Size: H10cm x W22cm

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