Sunrise Series - Ltd Ed 27.3

Sunrise Series - Ltd Ed 27.3


This is a magnificent vessel illustrating the “spectacularness” of the sunrise, the beginning of another day, the opportunity of another chance – each day is so precious!!

The hues of orange (the sun) creeping up and over the horizon under the vibrant blue skies – unbelievably awe inspiring. The piece stands 36cm high standing on a base 16cm diameter with the top opening 29cm.


The sunrise represents that in the face of adversity there is always hope. No matter how devastating a situation our lives get thrown into, there is always help, support and love from others to draw on if we wish to accept it. No matter how black and cold the night may be, the sun always rises bringing warmth and life to our hearts. The sunrise is the new day dawning and we can embrace that thought all the time looking at this inspirational piece.

The "Sunrise" Series reflects the glorious sunrises that we experience here in Australia and was inspired by Tina's living in the Blackall ranges on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Tina says “I am very excited about my new work as it records – Living, doing and making. I hope you will sense and share the depth of love and feeling that we put into each creation.” Each sculpture is precise in its execution. Ensuring the perfect piece requires Tina to "dance with fire" orchestrating five highly skilled artisans who work in unison to provide hot pieces of glass for her to create her magic. Every part of the process is critical. Each piece is individually hand-made from liquid currents of molten glass drawn from a 1200c furnace and then fused, layered and placed around a vessel.


Tina Cooper began her journey into the amazing world of glass blowing when she met Mark Galton. Mark was an accomplished glass blower in his own right and he shared his knowledge with Tina over the years that they were together. She began her apprenticeship in 1990 and has developed her skills in leaps and bounds since then. Today she is recognised as one of the leading glass artists in the world.


Tina Cooper is one of the leading figures in Australian Studio Glass, Tina uses Nature – Earth, Fire, Water and Air to create her art, reflecting her passionate relationship with the environment from which she sources her inspiration.


SIZE: short, height 36cm, base diameter 16cm, top opening 29cm

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