Turtle – Loggerhead

Turtle – Loggerhead


In Australia, there are two unique breeding populations of loggerhead turtles. The eastern Australian population nests on the southern Great Barrier Reef and adjacent mainland coastal areas, including Mon Repos, Wreck Rock, Wreck Island, Erskine Island, and Tryon Island. Major nesting areas for the Western Australian population include Muiron Islands, Ningaloo Coast south to about Carnarvon and islands near Shark Bay, including Dirk Hartog Island.

In south eastern Queensland, mating starts about late October, reaching a peak from November to early December. Loggerhead turtles nest from late October, reaching a peak in late December and finish nesting in late February or early March. Hatchlings emerge from nests from late December until about April with most hatching from February to early March.


SIZE: L8cm

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