Wine Chiller - Charcoal & Black

Wine Chiller - Charcoal & Black


The Wine Chiller is the result of a collaboration between Adelaide jeweller/designer Bronwen Riddiford and Robert Foster, and takes the ‘ice bucket’ to a new design dimension.

The Chiller is made of two components. The outer body is cold-pressed anodized aluminium and the removable bottom is a thermal-moulded plastic puck filled with a cooling agent. The puck is put into the freezer and, when suitably chilled, inserted into the base of the outer body, locking firmly into place, eliminating . drips and the need for ice - the freezable pucks are available in a range of brilliant colours interchangeable to suit any occasion ; fuchsia, lime ,orange or dove grey.


The sleek aluminium exterior with its tapered body incorporating a cleverly angled handle has a generous opening capable of accepting the most boisterous magnum, The Wine Chiller outer body comes in charcoal a or classic satin silver measuring H9.6in x W6.8in x D6.3in .     

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