Wombat – Large

Wombat – Large


Wombat: “Wanna Try your Luck” ED 99


A Group of Wombats is Known As a Wisdom

A wisdom of wombats. A mob of kangaroos. A paddle of platypus. We can’t get enough of Australian animal collective nouns!  lternative names for a gathering of these pudgy critters include a “mob” or “colony.”

The largest marsupial to roam the earth was a relative of the modern wombat. The diprotodon lived in Australia 2.5 million years ago, and was estimated to weigh around 3 tons and stretch 14 feet from nose to tail. The “mega-wombat” vanished around the same time that tribes of people began appearing on the continent, which has sparked debate surrounding our role in their demise.

Wombats have some of the most distinct droppings on earth. They produce 80 to 100 of them a night, and each comes out in a neat, cube-shaped package. Using feces to marking their territory helps wombats to navigate at night via their sense of smell. Instead of pooping in the dirt, wombats prefer to do their business atop surface like rocks or logs where it can be seen. The turd’s unique shape is what keeps it from rolling off and onto the ground.


SIZE: L32cm H22cm

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